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Road safety tips Road safety tips

Preventive operations to be performed by the user

  • Check the engine oil levels, power steering fluid, coolant, brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid.
  • Check the condition of the windshield wiper blades.
  • Check windshield washer jets.
  • Check tire inflation pressure correctly (including spare wheel).
  • Visually check tires for wear and tear and any abnormal deformation of the tread.
  • Check operation of all signaling devices, directional signals, brake lights, reverse lights, horn, etc.
  • Check that turn signal lever returns to rest position.
  • Check operation of headlamps (low and high beams) and fog lights.
  • Check lighting and proper functioning of indicators on the instrument panel.
  • Check your mirrors and their adjusting.
  • Check battery and wiring.
  • Check that all seat belts retract automatically and that the locking mechanisms work properly.
  • Check and run heating system outside typical season of use.
  • Check handles and door and window systems.
  • Check hood latch.
  • Check drive pedals, their coatings and verify the absence of excessive play.
  • Check for presence of tools, spare parts and approved warning triangles.

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