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Hassle-free MOT

The main purpose of the MOT test is to check the general condition and safety features of the vehicle.


Your MOT first time around

We recommend that you check these simple points of your vehicle before coming to one of our Applus+ Iteuve stations.  It is compulsory for the user to maintain the vehicle to ensure proper operation on our roads. In Applus + we have some simple tips to pass the MOT first time around, hassle-free. Together we must improve road safety and the environment.

Illustrative video of the steps before having your MOT

See video

Try these small steps before having your MOT

Step 1

Visually check that there is no deformation or any sharp edges on the body of the vehicle

Step 2

Check that the rearview mirrors are in a good condition and properly secured

Step 3

All doors and belts can be closed and fastened without a problem

Step 4

The horn is in a good condition in case we have an emergency situation on the road

Step 5

There is fluid in the windscreen washer reservoir

Step 6

Examine the lights; check that the dipped headlights and brake, indicator and reverse lights are working.

Step 7

Check the tread depth of the tyres and that they do not have deformations

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