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MOT service

The main purpose of the MOT test is to check the general condition and safety features of the vehicle.


The MOT in 10 steps

The main purpose of the MOT test is to check that the general condition of the vehicle and its safety features meet the minimum maintenance conditions to allow you to continue driving the vehicle without endangering the occupants of the vehicle or any other person or element on the public highway. It is also verified that the vehicle complies with the minimum environmental requirements.

The inspection will follow the technical criteria described in the "Inspection procedure manual for MOT stations."

By having the MOT in a Applus+ Iteuve station your MOT will be up-to-date and you will also be given the best service. This also ensures that your car meets the safety levels and environmental requirements necessary for responsible driving.

Video ilustrativo de la ITV en 10 pasos.

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Step 1

MOT request

When you arrive at your Applus+ Iteuve station, you should go to the offices with the vehicle's documents, where our staff will be delighted to assist you in your vehicle inspection.

Step 2

Pollutant emissions

We will measure the levels of pollutant emissions, as well as the noise in the case of motorcycles and mopeds, to ensure that the established limits are not exceeded.

Step 3


We check that the windscreen washer and wiper are working properly, and that the condition of the doors and their mechanisms enable them to be opened and closed. We also check that the windows are suitably approved and have no cracks that affect your field of vision, and that you have the necessary number of rearview mirrors and they are in a good condition and their fixtures are suitable.

Step 4


We check that the seats are suitable and are properly secured to the body and have the compulsory seat belts, with particular focus on their operation and fastening systems and buckles and, if there are child restraint systems, we check that these are suitable.

Step 5

Lights and indicators

The regloscope will allow us to check the condition and adjustment of the vehicle's lights, to enable safe night driving.

Step 6


We will use the suspension tester to check the effectiveness, condition and balance of the suspensions with the vehicle running.

Step 7

Brakes and steering

We will use the brake tester to check the balance of the brakes.

Step 8

Play detector plates

While stationary, we simulate the vehicle's movements when in motion. This allows us to check the level of wear in systems such as the suspension, steering or braking.

Step 9

Pit inspection

The pit allows us to thoroughly check the axles, the chassis, the brakes, the steering and the suspension of your vehicle.

Step 10

End of inspection

When the inspection is finished, we will give you the results. If it has passed, you will be given the report and MOT sticker. If there are serious or very serious defects, we will tell you what they are, what repairs are necessary and when you should return.

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